“No Time”

My 22 year old daughter gave me a book called “No Time” for my birthday a couple of months back.  She said, “It’s a good book, dad… but I know you won’t have (or make) time to read it.”  I took that as a bit of challenge and made it a priority.  It’s a great book for several reasons.  The author asks why it has become so much more important for us to “save” time than it is to “give” time.  Many of our kids are involved in many activities but do they really get much of our time?  How often have we said to a friend that we should “get together soon”… but never do?  Maybe it’s time to question what we’re doing with all of the time we’re saving.

In the words of the author, Heather Menzies, “we need to take back our lives, and renew the humanity of our social institutions.”

I first posted this in April, 2007.  I think it still applies.  My daughter is now 27 and even smarter than she was then!



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