A Story About “Picture Day”…

It happened to be “picture day” at one of the schools I visited earlier this week.  I stopped to talk to a group of kids who were lined up to have their pictures taken.  I couldn’t help but tell them the story that I used for years as a junior high principal.

I told them that my plan was to gather up all of the school pictures that I’d sat for as a student, teacher and administrator (probably over 30 of them), put them in order, and then use my thumb to rifle through them so that I could watch my hair come and go.



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  1. Dave Sloan says:

    From what I’ve seen there appears to have always been an awful lot of forehead on display in your pictures young or old. For me its been more about watching the colors change like autumn leaves. Maybe more telling is what our resting face expressions reveal. If we’re not still smiling then maybe we need to be doing something different! Smile On!

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